1. The Site content, including images, copy, navigation, and design are all property of the AC Clinic, LLC (“the Business”) and arranged for the purpose of engaging the interest of potential patients, conveying location and reachability information (such as a company address and phone number), and providing detailed illustration and description of the services provided by the practitioners at Business. The intent of the Site for the Business is not to market beyond these basic functions. 

1.1 The Site itself is hosted by Squarespace, which has its own privacy policy. If you are concerned about a third-party organization using cookies or specific forms of data collection while you use, please review this policy in full.

2. Although the Business does not make use of the cookies, ad remarketing, or other forms of data collection and user tracking that Squarespace employs, the Business does offer direct and voluntary communication through the use of a contact form and newsletter subscription offering.

2.1 To ensure the best communication and still respect your privacy, the Business collects only first name, last name, email address, and a description of your inquiry (which you customize and through which you may choose to provide further contact information) using the contact form. You are under no obligation to use this form to reach the Business, or to use the full scope of the Site. 

2.2 The information shared through the contact form reaches administrators at the Business and no other parties. The Business does not use the contact form information to collect or grow an email list and does not sell or share the information you provide with any third parties for marketing or any other purpose. All content is used for direct communication with interested parties or clients only, with the exception of testimonials.

3. Testimonials from satisfied AC Clinic, LLC clients may be shared on the site.

3.1 Testimonials shared on the site may be collected from social media, hardcopy letters, email messages directly to the Business, posts on such review platforms as Yelp or TripAdvisor, or the completed contact form.

3.2 Whether a testimonial is fit for and intended for the Site or other promotional materials for the Site or the Business is the discretion of the Business. Anything the Business receives in written form using the platforms outlined in 3.1 of the privacy policy that reviews its services may be used in this manner. If you wish for your testimonial to include your initials in lieu of your full name, or your organization name instead of your full name, or your full name instead of your organization name, you are responsible for including this information in your testimonial sharing.

3.3 Testimonials may appear in part or in full per the discretion of the Business.

4. Squarespace provides all customers, including the Business, with a narrow range of analytics tools, which, depending on your privacy settings, may lend insight to the Business into what brand of device or model of device you use to access the Site and your general location on the globe. For thorough information on how these analytics tools work, please read this support page provided by Squarespace, as well as their FAQ page on analytics.

4.1 The intent of the analytics tools provided by Squarespace is to allow its users, including the Business, to better understand the types of users who show interest and engagement in their sites. 

4.2 At the time of this writing of the privacy policy, the Business and its team members do not have a marketing team to make use of these analytics tools. At such a time as the Business makes use of the tools, the privacy policy will be updated.

The AC Clinic cares about and respects your privacy. If you have any specific concerns about your privacy while using this site, please use the contact form to reach the Business with your concern or call (508) 399-8880. Please refrain from posting questions or concerns in the comments on any social platform.