Winter Cough Remedy

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  • 2-3 green pears

  • 1 Full lemon/orange peel

  • 2 large slices of ginger root

  • 20 Gogi berries (optional)

Dr. Guo’s recipe for poached pears | a winter cough remedy

Tired of the long winter yet?  With its cold weather, dry air and too much heat inside the home and at work.  Your body tends to have a harder time stay properly hydrated during the winter season.  This is one of my favorite remedies to make during this time of the year or whenever I feel there is a buildup of phlegm in my system.  

People suffer from upper respiratory conditions such as asthma, cough, chest infection, sinus infection, may find this remedy especially helpful to speed up the recovery process.  Drink this regularly may even prevent recurring episodes.  

Pear skin has been used in Chinese medicine to clear the phlegm in lungs.  As a fruit,  the pear is packed with vitamins and minerals and does wonders to your body.  Ginger root is warming and helps to improve the digestive system.  The lemon peel is full of vitamins, fibers and minerals as well.  Gogi berry also is another antioxidant rich health food that would give your immune system a boost.  

This drink should help clear the sinus, decongest the lungs, purge the phlegm, speed up the metabolism and detox your system.  Enjoy it!


Chop the pears and lemon peel into small chunks.  Place all ingredients into a large pot and fill it with 12-15 cups of water.  Bring it to boil then simmer for 30 mins.  

Drink 3 large  mugs of the clear liquid while still warm. Reheat as needed.  You can always add a spoonful of local honey to make it even sweeter.

It is a delicious drink with a beautiful citric aroma and light sweetness but rich texture to it. 

Please sip the drink slowly when it is hot.  You won’t enjoy it as much with a burnt tongue!